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Wedding Photography – The Do’s and Dont’s

weddingBefore starting a career in wedding photography, there are critical aspects you need to put into perspective, For example, the technique you will use to build and present your portfolio, the best method to win over customers, attractive packages you will grant your clients, the type of equipment you require, amount to be imposed and means of making a lot of profits from it and whether the profession can sustain your daily needs. Portrait photography presents the best platform for newbies in this domain and by beginning with comrades, relatives and family, you get a firm stepping stone to launch your career.

Just like any profession, building a reputation of providing the best wedding photography in Birmingham in terms of experience takes quite some time and it requires a larger degree of patience. If, for instance, a family wedding presents itself, you can spend some time with the bride and bridegroom while photographing them. A problem may occur if you have engaged the services of a private photographer who may be shy of competition. On the other hand, you could engage the services of a model and wedding don, rent a neighbouring wedding spot or a church. If you are in need of turnkey opportunities, portfolio workshops could work best for you. The drawback to this option is the expenditure involved and you have less or no autonomy. Working as a co-wedding photographer might be a more convenient alternative for you.

To be successful in wedding photography, you must have a big initial investment. 20% should be geared towards photography while 80% should be injected in marketing. Digital forms of marketing are recommended, for example, creating a website. You can also opt for offline sources like magazines, billboards, trade fares and exhibitions. Your pricing policy on your first days on the field is critical. Remember you are winning over customers so don’t charge exorbitant prices.

Do not forget to incorporate the hours and days that will be involved in planning the wedding photography, activities involved after production which might consume a considerably longer time, transport, insurance and the equipment net cost. Also, have a rough idea of the prices competitors are initiating to stay in the loop.

When in a meeting with your clients, begin with uppermost package. Present only the most appealing and innovating pictures of bride and the groom and the different angles of the shots. Group pictures are considered less significant to clients; so, avoid showing them.

In wedding photography, the decision, by bride and groom depends on how you correspond with them and the vibe they have for you. The best attributes are to always maintain are composure, self- confidence, friendliness and perfection. These will win you the contract. Don’t begin planning the wedding instantly as there is a pre-wedding preparation to be undertaken. Remember to ask for at least 20% deposit before work commences to safeguard your investment.

In summary, you will require state of the art equipment with accessories on the side. Equipment failures are also common in such scenarios so prime yourself for such eventualities. Pundits suggest that you attend professional training in wedding photography to get the specific knowhow and techniques in this demographic.

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