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Weight loss dieting

There is a saying in the nutritional world that goes “you are what you eat”. Food contributes to bodybuilding and if one consumes too much of it, it tends to “excessively build up their body”. When considering excessive eating, it does not necessarily mean eating plateful of foodstuffs; excessive consumption of foods that store excess fats in your body is bad. A person may take a plateful of vegetables and another one of chips, bacon and French fries. Gradually, at the end of the day the levels of fats in the bodies of the two will be different. The one taking chips and bacons will fatten more than the one taking veggies.

Losing weight is what most people desire due to its challenges, which includes low self-esteem and health complications. For effective weight loss, a person is required to take lo low carb foods that contain less amount of calories more of proteins and vegetables, similar to what John Barban preaches about in the Venus Factor program. However, one should also avoid foodstuffs that have excessive fats such as fatty meats.

People who desire to lose weight should consider the following dieting guide;

Avoid emotional eating

In some cases, people may find comfort in food intake to curb stress. Such people may tend to eat junk foods, which will result to gaining of several pounds in their body. Emotional eating may include food intake when in distress or bored, when lonely or even celebrating.

To curb emotional eating, the following tips are helpful

1. Find other healthier ways to curb stress other than food intake. You may consider joining Yoga classes, which can increase your spiritual, and body awareness that in turn create a peaceful mind.

2. Instead of eating when you feel low in energy, you might consider taking a few minutes nap, listen to some energizing music or a even take stroll around the block to stimulate your body energy.

3. If you find comfort in taking food after a long day, you may consider other ways such as a warm bath after a long day, site seeing or a warm cup of herbal tea.  Some great ideas can be found in the Venus Factor program community group.

Develop good eating habits

Avoid distraction while eating; for example, watching TV, reading and operating your mobile phone.

Chew your food thoroughly and stop eating before you are full; this may take some time before your brain adjusts, but it is beneficial in the end. Good eating habits are also referred to as tuning when eating. Eating fewer calories does not necessarily mean less food intake. You can include fibers from fruits and vegetables, plums, straw berries, green vegetables leafy salads beans and whole grains. For better results, proper dieting can be integrated with proper exercises. Consume vegetables and unsaturated fats from processed foods that contain low amount of fats.

Practice and make it a routine to cook your own food at home. By doing this, you will be able to monitor what you eat and avoid fats intake.

Check out this great video about how to lose 20 pounds in a month;

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